Jul 19, 2022Letra Walls

Are you overdue for your wall decor? Consider getting a stunning wallpaper for your bare walls.


But, wait! 

Is it that simple? Buy-install-enjoy, is that it?

Unfortunately, no!

So, before browsing through zillions of patterns and colors and definitely before falling in love with them, you want to make sure the wallpaper will sit well with the room. Unlike me, a sucker for sakura print, who ended up blowing the budget on a beautiful red floral wallpaper only to realize that it does not go well with the Scandinavian theme of the room.

The biggest decision is to consider the already existing style and practicality of the room. And of course, there are the properties of the wallpaper and the state of the walls to ponder on. Here are the top 5 tips you should note before deciding to install the ‘really fun print’ on your wall.

  1. Layout of the room: If you can’t properly flaunt your favorite wallpaper, it will be utterly disappointing at the end. Hence the walls in question must get enough visual wall space. If there are many windows or doors or the room is packed up with large pieces of furniture, there won’t be enough space for the wallpaper to make an impact. In other words, if you are only able to see a slice or two, wallpapering such walls is not worth it.

  1. Complementing the theme is important: Here comes the tricky part. We know letting go of the pattern you’ve been eyeing for months is very difficult. But believe us. The cheeky kitten-themed wallpaper will be an absolute wreck in your chandelier-adorned room.

Consider the color palette, curtain, flooring theme, and existing furnishing before pre-maturely falling in love with a wallpaper.

  1. What is the budget: These days wallpapers are made of different materials with varying price tags. For example, silk & vinyl is thrice the price of polyester cotton. Choose the one suitable for your budget. If you think wallpapering the entire bedroom is a rip-off, how about covering the little stairwell instead?

We suggest don’t restrain yourself too much. Because, unlike wall paint, wallpapers are a long-term investment. They are durable and can easily stay intact for 10-15 years. 

  1. Choose the pattern carefully: Once you have narrowed down the options, it’s time to decide on the pattern. For example, red can be your favorite color. But due to its adrenaline-stimulating hue, it might not be the right choice for your bedroom. Here are a few patterns and their styling guide:

  1. Overall ambiance of the room: It is very important to check if the walls are after all suitable to hold up the wallpaper. If there is a seepage issue, wallpapers are a strict no-no. If the room has a scarcity of light, dark wallpapers can make it look smaller and clumsy. For the finely finished walls, any fabric will work superbly. But if the wall is a damp one, only vinyl wallpapers can guarantee longevity. 

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