Bedroom Wallpaper

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Abstract wall murals are vibrant expressions of creativity that transform spaces into visually stunning environments. These captivating installations utilize non-representational shapes, colors, and patterns to evoke emotion and stimulate the imagination. Serving as dynamic focal points, these murals engage viewers on a personal level, sparking curiosity and adding a touch of sophistication to any setting. With their ability to redefine and elevate the atmosphere, abstract wall murals have become a popular choice for those seeking to infuse their surroundings with artistic flair.

Sample: If you’re not sure about your wall, you can order a removable wallpaper sample to test it. Remember that the samples are to test material and wall. The process of sample printing is different, so the colors may vary. Small differences can appear on the sample and the actual removable wallpaper.


Application: It is recommended that you apply wallpaper only to flat surfaces that have been cleaned and painted with an eggshell or satin finish. Applications over flat paint or textured walls are NOT recommended.


Sizing: Please measure the width and height of your wall and divide to 144 (if your measurement is in inches). This will give you the total sq ft of your wall. Now you can select the rate bracket your wall's area corresponds to. We will double-check your calculation and send you the proof of the mural with the dimensions you provided.