WoodenWhisper Adhesive Interior - Modern Furniture Wrap, Peel & Stick Wood Texture Wallcovering, 48"W

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Transform your interior spaces with interior film - the perfect combination of style and sustainability. Our high-quality self-adhesive backed vinyl surfacing film is available in a wide range of artful designs and textures that imitate natural materials like wood, stone, fabric, metal, marble etc. The air-channeled adhesive makes it easy to install with minimal waste, and the film is fire-retardant to suit your specific needs. The interior film is eco-friendly, minimizes the release of VOCs, and meets strict performance and environmental standards. Additionally, it is easy to clean, antibacterial and antifungal, and its lightweight yet strong backing makes it a perfect solution for any interior space.

This self-adhesive Black Wood Interior film is a unique decorative covering.

It can be used as wallpaper on any flat surface. Perfect for many applications and countless art & craft projects.

Easy to apply and easy to keep clean.

Provides an easy and affordable way to modernize accessories and appliances in your home.

Transforms ordinary surfaces plus gives the look of Wood. Dishwashers, Dishwasher Panels, Refrigerators and more.

This film assists you in creating new looks and/or repairing the appearance of existing surfaces.

Ideal for appliances or any smooth surface. Provides an elegant and smooth Black Painted Wood finish without the cost. Easy peel and stick process.

Backing paper with grids for easy cutting, easy for storage and usage.

This Interior film comes with an air-release membrane that allows for easy, bubble-free application on any surface.

*Please note that this item is sold as one continuous roll. (not separate pieces)
If you order a "4ft x 10ft" You can cower "0-40 sq/ft " area. You will receive "120 inch (305cm) length "
If you order a "4ft x 20ft" You can cower "40-80 sq/ft " area. You will receive "240 inch (610cm) length "

Thickness : 0.015 ~ 0.016 in

Surface Finish : Painted Wood

Abrasion Resistance: 7000 taber Cycles

Brand: Bodaq

Certifications: Class A - ASTM E84 Fire Classification

Cleaning: Water - Based

Digitally Cuttable: Customer Test & Approve

Emission Testing: CA Specification 01350

Film Type: Vinyl

Leed Points: Yes

Location : Interior

Material Type: Vinyl

Overall Length Imperial : 164 ft

Overall length Metric : 50 m

Printable : Customer Test & Approve

Roll Size : 4 ft x 164 ft

Roll Weight : Approximately 55 lb

Style : Origin Wood